Friday, July 7, 2017

Shadowing a Shadow

My bed was perpendicular to the hallway, when I turned to my left, I was able to see the end of it. There is four doorways, from closest to farthest was my brothers, the bathroom, a closet, and my parents bedroom.

Towards the middle of the night, I awoke to an angry, red-orange sky. After a while of observing this rare occurrence, I heard a rustle, and turned to my left to face the hallway. This is when I saw my brother's small frame exit his room. I thought, for a second, that he had considered using the restroom next to his bedroom. Rather than that, I watched him make his way to the staircase.

I stared, wondering if he was headed downstairs to get a drink of water. He did not move, and I had come to a concensus that he recognized my open eyes and was waiting for me to join him. I got up, sleepily following after. I watched, in the dark, as he made his way down our staircase, quickly, as usual. Nothing about the picture seemed off to me whatsoever.

I continued after him, the laundry room door creaked, he turned on the light, and the garage door shut gently. I reached the laundry room after the second door had closed, with the light giving the room a bluish glow.

As I entered our garage, there was not a sign of my brother. I opened the door leading outside, no Dakota. I called out, no Dakota. I was slightly disturbed by this time, and returned to bed.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Johnson and Wales: 103 years worth of secrets

While being housed in the Johnson Hall dormitories, room 404, I experienced something rather unexpected. My roommate, Calliope, and I had both enrolled in a week long summer camp by Junior Achievement and would come here to reside after the long days of work. On our third night in this dorm room, we locked our bathroom door and hallway door, and went to sleep, between 11:00 and 12:00. 

Every night, I had slept like a baby, no interruptions until my alarm (my roommate, however, slept very little), with the exception of this third night. I awoke, and recall laying in bed rather uncomfortably, as I had allergies due to our open windows and summer night air. Suddenly, our door flew open, light from the hallway bursting in. Just as quickly as it had opened, it closed, not a slam, but still not a gentle shut.

I recall being the least bit alarmed, not frightened in any way, as if I expected it to happen. I laid there for several minutes more until I noticed my roommate was also awake. "Did our door just open?" I asked, expecting it to be my fairly vivid imagination. 

"Uh... yeah, it did."

"Damn, I thought I was the only person who saw it."

We returned to our slumber as though nothing happened, and when we woke in the morning, I questioned the occurrence oncemore. She said she remembered it happening, and checked the door. It was still locked from the night before.

Usually, I'd feel the need to share what happened to everyone, but it took me a solid 24 hours to remember again, after that morning, that it had happened.

Shadowing a Shadow

My bed was perpendicular to the hallway, when I turned to my left, I was able to see the end of it. There is four doorways, from closes...